Sunday, April 15, 2007


you smelled of sweet, freshly laundered clothes; clean and innocent.

i saw you standing there near the glass panels waiting for me. your hair was the usual unkempt, pointing-to-ten-different-directions style that you usually had. that was the first time i saw you then. you had a ready smile. your puppy eyes too darn beautiful to resist. then we went inside.

imagine a family size pizza that's good for two. yeah, we ate it all. drawing silent and secret deep breaths to calm the excitement, i was able to get a whiff of your scent.

you smelled of sweet, freshly laundered clothes; clean and innocent.

a few nights later, i was able to slowly undress you; peeling away at the pieces of cloth that frame your brown body. with your muffled moans, my pale fingers traced fine lines on your shivering skin.

suddenly there was wild fire on your once innocent eyes. sweat and musk, your body was aflame. and the heat was contagious. i made furious and tender love to you.

you, lying there languorously recovering from post-ejaculatory triste, with the smell of sex emanating from the sweet secret places of your body...

while your sweet, freshly laundered clothes, clean and innocent, were everywhere on the floor.


aryanism said...

for a moment there, i expected somebody i adore have written it for me.

then again, i just know he would never ever write such good english. :D

Kikit said...

beautifully written :)